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Our Family Practice

What is a patient portal?

Our patient portal is a way for established patients to contact us or view medical records using a computer or smart phone. It's like e-mail, only much more secure. To use our patient portal you must have given us your email address. Your e-mail address is your user name for the patient portal. If we have your e-mail address, we also sent you a password to use at the patient portal. If you are like us, you ignored it or lost it. No problem. CLICK HERE and follow the instructions written in red to get another password.

If you did not give us your email address and would like to use the patient portal call us at 732-840-8177, or just let us know at your next office visit.

The patient portal can be used to request an office visit, a medicine refill, a referral, - just about any need can be addressed through the patient portal.

You can update your insurance information on the patient portal, saving time at the front desk before your visit.

You can request correspondence be done through the patient portal, saving you the hassle of a missed call and voice mail.

You can request copies of test result be sent to you through the patient portal, saving you the trouble of picking them up at the office.

You can fill out a patient satisfaction survey on the patient portal and tell us how much you love us - or not.

Document Files CANNOT be sent to us through the patient portal. To email us a PDF, WORD, or other file go to[email protected] . Documents can also be faxed to us to us at 732-840-2195 or sent via U.S. mail.

Click here to get started using the patient portal

Remember, your e-mail address is your user name.