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Our Family Practice


Our Family Practice is now offering the Pfizer  Covid-19 vaccine for adults and children.  Call the office ate 732-840-8177 to schedule a time to come in and be vaccinated.

Our Family Practice will remain open during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Office hours will not change, and all providers will be available. Persons entering the office are required to wear a mask (they are available at our front desk free-of-charge). Patients coming for blood tests are asked to call the front desk for instructions before entering the office. We offer telehealth appointments (computer or smartphone video appointments) for patients wishing to avoid an in-office visit. Most people who get COVID-19 will recover fully within 2 to 3 weeks without need for hospitalization. Although antibody treatment is available for people NOT being hospitalized, it is still experimental and available locally only by going to the emergency room. Current measures in place to keep the virus from spreading (working at home, avoiding public gatherings, avoiding travel) are designed to protect the most vulnerable among us - the sick and elderly.